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Revised 11/18/2016


Introduction ....................................................................................................................3

Goals ...............................................................................................................................3

Jail Incarceration Cost .................................................................................................3

Reception and Orientation ............................................................................................4

PREA ...............................................................................................................................5


Unit Management ..........................................................................................................7

Clothing and Laundry ....................................................................................................7

Telmate ...........................................................................................................................8

Telephone .......................................................................................................................8

Commissary .................................................................................................................14


Mail ................................................................................................................................20

Search for and Disposal of Contraband ...................................................................22

Request to Staff ...........................................................................................................23

Grievance .....................................................................................................................23

Access to Courts .........................................................................................................26

Voting Rights................................................................................................................27

Fire Evacuation ............................................................................................................28

Inmate Grooming and Dress Code .............................................................................28

Cell, Housing Pod Maintenance, and Housekeeping ...............................................29

Trust Fund ....................................................................................................................30


Law Library and Library Services...............................................................................34

Notary Services ............................................................................................................34

Property ........................................................................................................................35


Inmate Programs..........................................................................................................36

Recreation ....................................................................................................................36

Inmate Work Programs................................................................................................36

Inmates Rights and Responsibilities .........................................................................37

Special Housing ..........................................................................................................38

Disciplinary Procedures ..............................................................................................39

Inmate Rule Violations ................................................................................................39

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The information contained in this handbook pertains to each inmate at the Oklahoma County Detention Center. It is the responsibility of each inmate to know and understand this information. Each inmate is issued a Telmate pin number which will allow access to the handbook, phone system, and trust account. All inmates are issued a printed version of the inmate handbook at intake.
This handbook is designed to provide information to each inmate about expectations, and available programs and services during their incarceration. If an inmate does not understand the contents of this handbook or any other material which involves Detention Center rules due to a literacy, language, or hearing impairment, an interpreter or another form of communication is available upon request to ensure that the inmate understands the rules and responsibilities.
This handbook contains information that is current of the date of publication; however, the information is subject to change. The inmate will be made aware of any changes through briefing during initial orientation and by materials posted in inmate living areas.


The goal of the Oklahoma County Detention Center is to provide for the custody and welfare of each inmate and to promote positive behavior.


In accordance to 22.0.S. §979a Individuals who are jailed for violating provisions of state law, and upon conviction or receiving a deferred sentence are responsible for, and will be required to pay the cost associated with their incarceration pursuant to 22.0.S. §979a. Upon conviction or acceptance of a deferred sentence, you will be required to pay the daily cost of incarceration rate which is established annually by the Oklahoma County District Court.
The current daily jail incarceration rate is $32.00.
Pursuant to the statue, you will have the ability to contest the amount of cost solely on the grounds that the number of days served is incorrect.
If you have any question regarding the costs of your incarceration and your debt owed to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office please contact Inmate Trust at
405-713-1962 Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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The Oklahoma County Detention Center is a non-smoking facility Smoking is not allowed at any time by anyone. Possession of tobacco products is prohibited.


All inmates shall receive initial orientation within 5 days of reception. This orientation shall be provided to each inmate during the intake process and consist of a verbal explanation and/or a video presentation of the orientation material to include explanation of the following:

Inmate personal property and disposition of excess property procedures

Trust fund account procedures

Emergency evacuation procedures

If any inmate needs to contact his or her deportation officer, please do so in a request to staff to the Unit Manager. At that time the Unit Manager will help

you contact the deportation officer.

Inmate’s personnel belongings will be stored for you while you are housed in the detention center and you will be issued detention center clothing. No personal items will be permitted with you unless the Detention Center Health Care Provider and Jail Administrator approves it.

All inmates will be required to line up for counts during official and unofficial count times. Unofficial count times can happen with or without notice at all times, during that time all inmates are required to line up against the wall in

front of his or her cell.

Meal times are at 4 am, 10 am, and at 4 pm.

All inmates will be provided three meals daily.

All meals are pork free.

Religious requests are based on the religious preference stated during the intake process.

No inmates are authorized to handle other inmate’s food unless that inmate

has received a full medical clearance, physical and has successfully been
trained in the proper handling of food.

Medical or religious diet information can be answered through a request to staff. Any inmate with religious concerns about the meals can address those questions through a request to staff to the chaplain. Medical concerns will be

addressed to medical about meals.

Meals will not be used as a disciplinary procedure or tool; all inmates will receive their meals at feeding times regardless of classification levels.

The OCDC has a zero tolerance policy for Sexual Abuse and Sexual

Harassment. If you are a victim you should report the incident to a staff member immediately. If you are assaulted, do not take a shower, brush your teeth, wash your hands or change clothing as you may destroy important evidence. All reports of assault will be investigated immediately.

Do not put yourself in a place where you would owe commissary items to another inmate. Be aware of how you are presenting yourself to other inmates. If you feel uncomfortable let the person know you are not receptive to their comments. Make sure you are always in an area visible to staff.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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If you have been assaulted you will be taken to medical and they will ensure that you are transported to a medical facility for care. They will ask you the date/time of the assault and the identity of the assailant if known. You will be placed in a cell by yourself until you have seen a mental health provider

You may not give consent to any sexual act.


The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 was enacted by Congress to address the problem of sexual abuse of persons in the custody of U.S. Confinement Facilities. The Oklahoma County Detention Center has a zero-tolerance policy for incidence of inmate sexual abuse and sexual harassment. This applies to both inmate-on-inmate sexual abuse and staff sexual misconduct. Alert a member of the jail’s staff immediately if you feel you have been sexually assaulted during incarceration. They will contact the appropriate person to conduct the investigation. You may also fill out an “Inmate Request to Staff” or grievance. Your privacy will be protected to the fullest extent during any investigation. A PREA hotline is available free of charge through Telmate on each inmate phone.

If you feel you are at risk for imminent sexual abuse, you may utilize the Sexual Abuse Hotline by pressing 333# on any inmate telephone, or by using the cell Dukane to speak with staff.

You Have the Right to be Safe from Sexually Abusive Behavior! While you are incarcerated, no one has the right to pressure you to engage in sexual acts, sexually abusive behavior or pressure you to engage in unwanted sexual behavior from another inmate or a staff member, regardless of your age, size, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

We want you to feel and be safe while at the facility. If you make a report and feel you are being retaliated against for making the report, tell a staff member or follow the Grievance procedures. Retaliation WILL NOT be tolerated.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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This facility has ZERO tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual assault.





Break the silence:

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual abuse or harassment, report it immediately to any detention staff member, Armor medical staff, chaplain,

or any volunteer. This may be done verbally, on a medical request form, request to staff, or by following the grievance procedures. A phone number to access outside confidential support system is (405)943-7273 and can also be located in the Sexual Assault/Abuse pamphlet received at Intake. You may also utilize the Sexual Assault Hotline by pressing 333# on any inmate telephone.

All reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment will be investigated.

If you are assaulted, do not change your clothes, brush your teeth, shower, wash your hands, or use the restroom (if possible). You may destroy important evidence.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Initial Classification

The Classification Officer will perform an electronic assessment of and create a classification file for each inmate. This assessment will take into account inmate behavior and any special needs that the inmate might have. Based on these and other factors, a determination will be made regarding inmate’s housing assignment; security level; and if eligible, job or program assignments.

Custody Evaluation

Inmates who score between 00-10 are classified as minimum, 11-21 are classified as medium, 21 or higher are classified as maximum. Special management issues are taken into consideration accordingly while inmate’s assessment is compiled or reclassified: Protective Custody, Administrative Segregation, Disciplinary Segregation, Suicide Precautions, Mental Observation and Medical Observation.

Adjustment Review

Inmates will receive a classification adjustment upon any event change, such as additional charges or holds, changes in bond status, Administrative Segregation and Disciplinary Segregation. An adjustment review reflects an inmate's adjustment to incarceration, job performance, and program performance.

Special Review

A special, unscheduled review may be conducted when a major change occurs in the inmate's incarceration that affects the security level or welfare of the inmate. Factors such as inmate misconduct, warrants, any special needs and sentencing will be considered. If an inmate wishes to appeal his/her current classification status, a grievance form must be completed and processed as outlined in this handbook.


A unit management system is used to divide inmates into well-defined groups that are identified with a specific unit that facilitates staff/inmate interaction. An inmate will be assigned to a specific unit team upon receipt of their housing assignment during the classification process.


Upon booking, each inmate shall receive one complete set of clothing and bedding. Once an inmate is classified and assigned to a housing unit, each inmate will receive 3 sets of undergarments each week, subsequently, each inmate shall receive a complete change of clothes and linen at least two times each week on a scheduled basis.

Issuance of clothing and bedding will be documented and each inmate shall be accountable for the condition and return of each item. If items are not returned or damaged, the inmate will then be charged for the damaged bedding and clothing.

Trustee inmates working in the kitchen and other designated jobs will be allowed to exchange clothing daily.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Simplifying Inmate Communication

Deposits via the Web and Over the Phone for Phone Calls, Visits or Trust Make Deposits via the Web, from Telmate’s Web site at www.GettingOut.com. Make deposits over the phone by calling Telmate toll-free at 1-866-516-0115. Telmate’s US-based bi-lingual customer service representatives are available


Send Messages and Photos

Send messages and photos from Telmate’s website www.GettingOut.com
Sending a message costs only $0.25, it’s very cost effective.

Deposits at the Lobby Kiosk for Phone Calls, Visits or Trust

Make cash or credit card deposits from a Telmate deposit kiosk. A Telmate kiosk is located in the lobby of this facility.

Schedule at Home and Onsite Visits Over the Phone

Schedule visits over the phone by calling Oklahoma County Sheriff Office at
(405) 713-2015.


Phones are located in cells and in the recreation dayroom. Calls are recorded and monitored.


Stealing another inmate’s pin is a class C Felony, Identity Theft.

Facility Telephone Rules

Do not shout, talk above a normal conversation level, or use profanity while on the telephone.

Do not tamper with, mark on, or damage telephone equipment.

Do not call your victim or alleged victim of another inmate on behalf of that inmate.

Do not place a call for another inmate.

Do not make conference or three-way calls or do third number billing, call forwarding or call transfers.

Do not give your PIN. Use of another inmate’s PIN is identity theft and if used to make a prepaid call it is also property theft.

Do not trade or sell pre-paid minutes.

Tell a staff member if a telephone is not working properly.

No refunds are granted once the pre-paid minutes are activated.

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Clergy calls may be monitored and are recorded, unless approved by

Command Staff.
These are Jail Violations:

Stealing a PIN number

Using someone else’s PIN number

Sharing your PIN number

Placing a call for another inmate

Trading or selling pre-paid minutes

Committing any of these violations will result in your PIN being blocked for up to 90 days!
Free Advanced Prepaid Phone Calls
Telmate offers inmates the ability to call phone numbers that cannot accept a collect call for up to (1) minute absolutely free. Inmates are informed when making the call that this service is offered free only ONCE per different phone number. This service is available by Telmate as courtesy to help inmate contact friends and family and ask them to setup a prepaid account (please see page 33 for a sample of the card).

Please remember this service is offered as a courtesy and is not a right. Telmate is the only inmate phone provider that offers this service to inmates. Damage to phones or abuse of this service will result in loss of privilege.

Telmate may allow free 1-minute calls more than once, but this is at our discretion.

Please do not leave voicemails for customer service about why you were not able to complete a free call as they will be ignored and may result in the loss of this service.
Name Recording
All inmates are instructed to record their name when they first use the phone system. If your name was improperly recorded, you may leave a customer service request by calling 211# and we will remove your name recording. Next time you make a call, you will be able to re-record your name.
Voice Biometrics
All inmates are required to setup a voice password prior to completing their first phone call. This system is designed to make sure no other inmate can access you prepaid account.
Prepaid accounts are your responsibility; you must protect your Voice Biometrics.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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To reset your voice, dial 211#. If you are moved to a different floor and or cell, you must call 211# to move your location.

If another inmate accesses your account and uses your prepaid balance, you will not be repaid for the loss. All requests for a new pin # will only be approved by Telmate.

Prepaid Calling
Prepaid calls can be completed to any type of phone: home phones, blocked collect phones, Skype, Vonage, and International Numbers, etc.
If you have a prepaid balance and wish to use your balance to call any phone or a phone that is blocked from accepting collect calls, you must enter your PIN number and select the prepaid call option. If you choose the option to call collect and there is a credit card on file under your account, your prepaid balance will not be deducted.
Blocked Phone Numbers
If you attempt to dial a phone number that is blocked, you will be informed that the phone number has been blocked and your call will be terminated.
Call recipients are given an option when they receive a call to block all future calls from the correctional facility or an individual inmate. Sometimes they select this option in error.
If you believe the block is in error, you may leave a customer service request by calling 211# and we will confirm whether the called party intended to block calls from the correctional facility. If the block was an error, it will be removed.
If the recipient confirms the block you will be left a voice mail informing you that we have confirmed the block is valid and you will not be able to call the phone number. Some phone numbers are blocked by the Detention Staff; if this is the case the block will never be removed.
Attempted 3-way calls
Any attempt to make a 3-way call will result in permanent blocking of the phone number, even if another inmate made the 3-way call. 3-way calls are never allowed. Once a phone number has been blocked for attempting a 3-way call, the block will never be removed unless a fine of $25.00 is paid and $25.00 in prepaid calling time is purchased.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Released inmates who have a prepaid balance may contact Telmate at 1-866-
516-0115 and receive a prepaid calling card equal to the remaining balance of
the inmate’s prepaid amount. Calling cards may be used for Domestic and
International calls.
If the number was blocked due to an attempted 3-way call, we will not remove the block, even if the 3-way call is made by another inmate. 3-way calls are never allowed.
Sexual Assault Reporting
After your pin number followed by the # key is entered, the system will ask for the number you wish to call. Enter the number 333#, and you will be connected to
the Sexual Assault Hotline.

Emergency Reporting

All emergencies can be reported by dialing 0# on the telephone located in the cell or any dayroom telephone. There is no need to enter your pin #.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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New Call Pricing

Effective on or before 6/20/2016

Nuevos tarifas de 1/amadas comenzando 2010612016

Intrastate Calls (within state)

$0.25 a minute plus applicable taxes and fees

$0.25 un minuto mas los impuestos y honorarios.

Intrastate Collect Calls (within state)

$0.50 a minute plus applicable taxes and fees

$0.50 un minuto mas los impuestos y honorarios.

Interstate Calls (to another state)

$0.21 a minute plus applicable taxes and fees

$0.21 un minuto mas los impuestos y honorarios.

Interstate Collect Calls (to another state)

$0.25 a minute plus applicable taxes and fees

$0.25 un minuto mas los impuestos y honorarios.

Customer Service.

#211 Telmate

oklahoma county Detention Center


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New Phone

System Features

On im ' C 111\c " nc

Nnw they r.1n >rcopt 1!1communtntion

'-\lit 1 onP action'

This feature allows friends and family to accept t ll future inmate communication with one simple action, including

voicemail. To opt in to one touch call

acceptance your friends and family just press 1when they receive a callriom you.

This feature can be reversed or turned off at any time by callingcustomer service.

V f11 u f , liH Inn!. j

ow y11u m I• • vr: vo1 1 111.1il wh n tlivP

c ll l t po>SIIJI 1

If your friend or family member have opted in to one touch call acceptance you cannow leave them a voicemall while

they're at work,at church.or otherwise


o lonnettlon Lh ·se

And you o11fi u•y lor I itt .l•nL yllu t.1lk•

We'veeliminated allconnection chJrges and switched to a per minute,"pay as you go'modelso you are onlybilled for the time you talk.

lr od ( II 11r •jon

No Y"'• r•n t l longprl

Go ahead and talk away,the new maximum callduration has increased dramatically inmost facilities.



Caractcristlcas Nuevo

Sistema Telef6nico

t)n tou A rob1clon de Liam da

1 Ahon p11r <f, r ·""l'lar lorl.>< I.

comunic.1cionPs r0n una '\ola lrCI6n!

Esta caracterlstica permlte a amlgos y famillares para que acepte r 00-\Slas comunicaciones futuras presocon una

smi ple acci6n.incluyendo correo de voz. Para optar a un solo toque de aceptaci6n

de llamada a sus amigos y familia solo tiene que pusl ar 1cuando recibenuna llamada

de usted.Estacaractedstica puede ser

revertida o apagar en cualquier momento flamando alservicio alclient e.

CO< .. ' d lo lu

1 Ahora se pucde dcjar mc·r sa e de voz

CUllldO h ly 110.1 ildl'n d PO v:vO 110 P

ro· hie'

Sisu amigoo miembrode Ia familia han optado por una aceptaci6n de Ia llamada tactilque ahora se les puededejar un correo devo1rnientras estan en el trabajo. enIa Iglesia,o nodisponible.

I r y C 1 OP ( Ill i111

' '( oln' " 0 lrnr lr mpa dh.lhl )(I Eliminamos tocloslos cargos por conexi6n y cambiamos a una por minuto,"pago por uso" modelo porlo que s61o se le factura por eltiempo que habla.

[ '' 11 odo I Ou •cl<nd<'LI or- d

Ahor, " p " ir ""' r Y·'

Yaya por delante yhablar de distancia,Ia nueva duraci6n maxima de Ia llamada se ha

incrementado dramciticamente.

Customer Service: . , - .

211 0Telmale

Oklahoma County DetenHon Center


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The Commissary is a service made available to all inmates for the purchase of various items such as food, hygiene articles, writing paper, envelopes, and stamps.
To be eligible for Commissary purchases, the inmate’s money must be deposited in the trust fund account before the time of the purchase. Commissary is a privilege and may be revoked for documented security, safety reason or as a disciplinary sanction.
After the initial supplies are provided when the cell is assigned, hygiene supplies will only be provided through request to the Commissary. Hygiene items and mail kits will be provided to indigent inmates at no cost.

Indigent is defined as an inmate who has a balance of $15.00 or less in the trust fund account the first day through the last day of the preceding month.

Inmates who are not indigent will be charged for hygiene items and mail kits. Commissary prices are subject to change without notice. When and where possible, price changes will be posted. Commissary spending limit is $150.00 per week. Any inmate that has in their possession more than the maximum of
$150.00 worth of commissary, the excess will be immediately confiscated at that
time and considered contraband.

Your commissary account will not be credited for the confiscated items.

Commissary draws will be made available one time each week in accordance with the commissary schedule posted in the Pod dayroom and at other locations.
Commissary order times will begin at 8:00 am the day following commissary delivery and will end the day prior to commissary delivery at 12:00 pm.
An inmate assigned to medical housing may have their commissary draw limited to personal hygiene, and mail kits.
The Commissary order system has changed and the directions to order are listed as follows:
1. Log in with your Pin.
2. Press the Commissary Orders Button.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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3. Press the New Order Button or Current Order Button (if you have an unfinished order).
4. Click through a category and select items.
5. Touch the green plus sign to add items to your order. You can subtract items by touching the red minus sign next to any added item.
6. Once you have all of your items in the order, touch the done button.
7. This will bring you to the Current Order page. If you are happy with your order, click the Proceed button.
8. This will bring up the Order Summary page. Touch the Complete Order button to submit your order.
9. This will bring you back to the main menu page. From here you can log out, review previous orders using the Order History button, or review a recently submitted order by clicking Current Order.
During the order process, DO NOT press the “back” key located at the bottom of the screen. If this key is pressed during the order process, all items selected on that screen will be erased and reset.
There are many opportunities to confirm your commissary order. Please confirm your entire order before completing the ordering process. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED ONCE THE ORDER HAS BEEN COMPLETED AND CONFIRMED.




Visitation privileges are available to all inmates. Visitation privileges may be restricted due to misbehavior of the inmate, visitor or for Detention Center security.
The number of visitors an inmate may have and the length of their visit are limited by the facility schedule.
The visiting facilities permit non-contact informal communication between inmates and their visitors through video visitation done on the kiosk machine. Visits are encouraged in order to strengthen family and community ties.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Visitation information material is provided to each inmate. It is the inmate’s responsibility to inform his/her potential visitors of the specific procedures for visitation and schedule.
Family members who are former Detention Center inmates or who currently are under the supervision of any Department of Correction may be considered for a visit six months after completion of their sentence.
Exception may be made only on circumstances of need and must be approved by the Detention Center Administration.
Violations of facility rules may result in removal of a visitor and denial of further visitation.
Pastoral Visitation
Your Pastor or Spiritual Advisor may be approved to make a non-contact visit after submitting a Pastoral Visit application which includes a background search
and adherence to the Clergy Visits policy guidelines.
Special Visits
Special visits authorization is at the discretion of Detention Center Administration
Visiting Hours

Visitation is conducted 7 days a week from 1430-1600 and evening visits from 1900-2000.

Authorized persons wishing to visit must make reservation by telephoning

405-713-2015, the visitation office and providing the necessary information.

Reservations will be taken until all reservation times are filled.

Persons seeking a visit must telephone within 48 hours prior to the date and provide the time of visit.

All necessary information relevant to the visit will be provided if the visit is


Visitation Schedule:

2nd Floor, 4th Floor, 6th Floor, & 10 Charlie will visit Wednesday, Saturday, or
Sunday as follows:
Adam Pod- 1430, 1500, 6th Floor PC 1530

Baker Pod- 1530, 1600

Charlie Pod- 1900, 1930

David Pod- 1930, 2000

8 Adam, 8 Charlie, & 8 David will visit Friday, Saturday, or Tuesday as follows:

Adam Pod: 1430, 1500

Charlie Pod: 1530, 1600

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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David Pod: 1900, 1930

8 Baker will visit Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday as follows:








10 Adam & 10 Baker will visit Thursday, Friday, or Saturday as follows:

Adam Pod: 1430, 1500

Baker Pod: 1530, 1600

10 David will visit on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday as follows:




12 Adam & 12 David visit by cell number on Thursday or Friday as follows:
12 Baker will visit Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday as follows:



13th Floor Males will visit Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday as follows:





13th Floor Females will visit Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday as follows:




Juveniles- will visit Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday as follows:

Females- 1430, 1500

Males- 1530, 1600, 1900, 1930, or 2000

Men’s Holding/ Women’s Holding will visit Tuesday or Thursday as follows:



Oklahoma County Detention Center


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In order to schedule a remote (home) or local (at the facility) video visit, you must have a video visitation (login) account, which requires you to be Telmate Verified.

You can create an account at any of the 4 Telmate Kiosk located in the lobby or online at www.GettingOut.com this is a web-based system, so you must have access to a laptop or PC. (Our system does not support Tablets or Smart phones at this time)
Video Visit Rules:

Wearing clothing with messages, holding up signs, displaying nudity, or behaving sexually is prohibited and could result in loosing visit privileges.

Three-way calls are not allowed. You may not talk on a phone while visiting with your friend or loved one.

You may assemble multiple friends and family members to take part in a

Remote Video Visitation.

Video Visits can be terminated at any time for inappropriate use by the facility staff.

Video Visitation privileges can be suspended.

Your laptop or PC (for remote visits) must have:

A webcam and a microphone.

An Internet browser. We support: IE 7, 8 or 9, Firefox 7, 8 or 9, Safari 4 or 5.

The current Adobe Flash Player. If you are not sure what Adobe Flash Player version you have go to http://get.adobe.com./flashplayer/ and update your computer to the most current version for free.

High speed Internet connection. (You should use DSL or Cable. Dial-up and satellite are not supported.)

You can test your computer Internet speed at:
You can test your camera and microphones at:


Cost: $7.50 for a remote (from home) 15-minute visit – There are no remote free visits.

All inmates have 1-free 15-minute local visit per week, one additional local

visit (from inside the facility) is $3.75 for one 15-minute visit for a total of

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Simplifying Inmate Communication

Customer Service Support: 1-866-516-0115 – Option 5

Visiting Rules

Family and friend visits with inmates are encouraged but will be limited to one visit for each inmate every 7 days.
All visitors 16 years or older must show a valid photo identification card, a driver’s license, or Department of Defense identification card. These documents will be the only acceptable form of identification. Visitors 16-18 years of age may also present a valid school photo identification card.
Upon entrance into the facility, visitors must possess a valid identification. Money they wish to deposit for an inmate may be deposited into the kiosk machine located in the front lobby.
Visitors may be subjected to search or a search based on a reasonable belief
that the visitor has contraband. Failure of a visitor to submit to a search will result in that visitor being banned from visiting.
If a visitor needs medication, he shall notify the visiting room officer upon arrival at the visiting office. He shall inform the officer of the type of medication needed to be taken and the time in which it is to be consumed. Only life-saving medication such as nitroglycerine tablets and inhaler will be allowed in the visiting area.
Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed in the visiting areas unless accompanied by an authorized adult visitor. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the termination of the visit.
All visitors are required to store personal items in their vehicle or at another location to expedite their processing through the visitation process.
Visitor Parking
♦ Parking is available at the parking lot, east of the Detention Center.
♦ Overflow parking is available at locations off the facility grounds in public and / or street parking.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Visitor Transportation
The metro bus transportation system is within walking distance of the facility. Telephones are available for taxicab service. Further information may be obtained from the Information and Reception Office.


When cost is paid by the inmate, there is no limit as to the amount of mail that can be sent or received unless it is determined that the type of mail or source of delivery or destination of mail is contrary to public safety. Inmates may not correspond with other inmates unless specifically authorized by the Jail Administrator. Funds must be available to mail packages out. A request to staff will be sent to Inmate Trust prior to mailing.
Incoming mail will be delivered Monday through Friday. All incoming mail, with the exception of mail that is properly marked “Legal Mail,” and privileged Mail will be opened and inspected for contraband prior to delivery. Legal and
Privileged Mail may only be opened and inspected for contraband in the inmate’s
The following procedures must be followed for all mail:
1. All outgoing envelopes must have the following information printed in the upper left hand corner:

[Inmate first and last name] Oklahoma County Detention Center

201 N. Shartel

Oklahoma City, Ok. 73102

2. List the name and complete the address and zip code of the person you are sending letter to.
3. Ensure the envelope has sufficient postage, “General Correspondence” means incoming and outgoing correspondence other than privileged or legal mail. General correspondence including packages sent through the mail, will be opened and inspected.
4. “Privileged Mail” means correspondence sent to or received from the
following: Governor of the State of Oklahoma, elected member of the

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Oklahoma State Legislature, Oklahoma Board of Corrections members, Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board members, Oklahoma Secretary of Safety and Security, Oklahoma Department of Justice and Sheriff or Detention Center Administration.
5. “Legal Mail” means correspondence sent to or from the Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma, the courts or attorneys. Mail to or from attorney’s assistant or legal aid assistant is not considered legal mail.
6. Outgoing Privileged and Legal Mail will be inspected in the presence of the inmate to be sure the envelope is sealed for mailing.
7. Incoming Privileged and Legal Mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate, and inspected for contraband before it is given to the addressee.
8. Correspondence with the news media is not considered legal correspondence.
9. It is prohibited to include anything in correspondence that is of a threatening nature, indicating an escape, concerning illegal activity, or containing contraband.
10. Inmates may not directly or indirectly solicit funds or items of monetary value from anyone other than immediate family members.
11. Inmates without sufficient funds for postage in their trust account (indigent)
will be provided postage for a total of one letter per week.
12. Only the following items will be accepted through the mail system for inmates:
a. Twenty franked (postage imprinted) directly on the envelope with one sheet of writing paper in each envelope. Envelopes with any other type of stamps are not acceptable.
b. Only one package per week.
c. Mail is not delivered on weekends or holidays. d. No loose address labels.
e. Two softbound books or two magazines (NO cologne samples or subscription forms.
f. One softbound Bible.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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g. Only 5 photos in each letter are accepted.
h. Only 5 photos are allowed at one time per inmate.
i. Money orders and cashier’s checks ONLY. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.
k. Once the inmate is notified of the rejected mail due to contraband or unacceptable items, it will be their responsibility to contact the sender to notify them of the rejection and destruction of the item.
l. Other/Religious Materials/Newspapers purchased by family/friends must be sent by Publisher.
m. The Daily Oklahoman can be purchased through Request of Staff on the kiosk.


Random and periodic searches for contraband will be conducted on inmates and all other areas of the facility. All persons entering the Detention Center or grounds will be subject to search.
Contraband is defined as any item or article, which an inmate is not authorized to have in his possession, any item not issued by an employee, any item altered from its original condition or any item illegal to possess.
The following articles will always be considered contraband:
1. Firearms of any type.
2. Ammunition or explosives.
3. Knives or shanks of any type.
4. Tools not authorized by Detention Employees.
5. Narcotics / drugs not prescribed by a medical authority.
6. Items defined as contraband within a jail by statute or policy.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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7. Cash or negotiable instrument.
8. Cell phones.
The only medication allowed in inmates’ possession is nitroglycerine pills and an asthma inhaler prescribed by the Detention Center Healthcare Provider.


The Request to Staff Procedure is an internal administrative system for responding and providing resolution to an inmate’s request for assistance or informal handling of complaints. (See page 38 for a Request to Staff form)
Requests to Staff & Grievances will be submitted on the kiosk machine located in the day room, by asking for the portable machine or by a Request to Staff form. The inmate will log into the kiosk machine using pin number provided at intake. This pin number will also be used to order commissary or to use the telephone.
1. Before submitting a “Request to Staff” form, an inmate shall attempt to resolve the issue by talking with a responsible authority or other appropriate staff member.
2. If the issue is not resolved by verbal communications or if the issue is of the nature that must be submitted in writing, the inmate shall submit a “Request to Staff” form.
3. Only one issue shall be listed per form.
4. Inmates will submit on a “Request to Staff” form their personal and facility
concerns, complaints / issues, and request for assistance.
5. A designated employee will respond to an inmate request for assistance.
6. When submitting a “Request to Staff” to see the Chaplain, please specify
Catholic, Baptist, etc.


An internal administration means for resolving complaints and identifying potential problems. It is designed to supplement but not replace the informal communication “Request to Staff” procedure.
Unless an emergent situation exists, an inmate must attempt to resolve all issues
or complaints through oral communication and by submitting a “Request to Staff”.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Formal Grievances
1. If the complaint is not resolved informally through the verbal or “Request to Staff” process, the inmate may submit an Inmate Grievance form. Grievance forms are submitted on the kiosk machine located in the day rooms.
2. The complainant must submit the Grievance within fifteen (15) calendar days of the incident or from the receipt of the answer of the inmate’s “Request to Staff” unless of a PREA nature.
3. All Grievances will be submitted to the Grievance Coordinator for proper tracking and to insure the Grievance is forwarded to the appropriate authority.
4. Only one (1) issue or incident is allowed on each form.
5. If the inmate has not attempted to resolve the issue through oral communication and a “Request to Staff”, the Grievance will be deemed a non-grievance issue and the inmate will be advised to resubmit as a “Request to Staff”.
6. If the inmate does not follow instructions as explained in this procedure, the Grievance may be returned unanswered for proper completion.
Grievable Issues
1. A Grievance may be used to address issues regarding conditions of confinement, classification action, actions of employees, and incidents occurring within or under the authority and control of the Detention Center that personally affect the inmate making the complaint.
2. The grievance process may be used no matter what the inmate’s custody
assessment or disciplinary status.
3. A Grievance may be submitted if the inmate believes that any type of reprisal has occurred.
4. The inmate will not receive a disciplinary hearing sanction for submitting a
Grievance in good faith.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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5. A disciplinary hearing report may be issued if an inmate has made a threat in a Grievance against an employee, volunteer, or visitor or if an inmate has provided a falsified, forged, or fraudulent document as evidence.
Non-Grievable Issues
1. Disciplinary action received through the disciplinary hearing procedure cannot be appealed through the grievance process.
2. Grievances may not be filed concerning matters that are in the course of litigation.
3. Requests for disciplinary action against employees will not be addressed though the grievance process.
4. Inmates may not file a grievance on behalf of another inmate concerning an issue not directly affecting the inmate excluding PREA incidents.
All inmates are guaranteed the right against staff retaliation for filing or pursuing a formal grievance.
Inmates with ICE holds are given the same opportunity as all other inmates in the Oklahoma County Detention Center for submitting “Request to Staff” and Grievance forms. They are also allowed access to speak to the ICE liaison in regards to complaints and Grievance issues.
Inmates, to include third party, may confidentially disclose any incidents of sexual misconduct, sexual contact, sexual abuse and sexual harassment through the grievance system. Such grievances will be handled as an Emergency Grievance. An inmate who reports an incident of sexual misconduct, sexual contact, sexual abuse or sexual harassment may request and be treated anonymously.
An Illiterate inmate, if help is needed, may ask for assistance from another inmate. The Illiterate inmate must log onto the kiosk machine using their own pin number, so that it is showing their own photo.
Emergency Grievance
An Emergency Grievance is a grievance that is of an emergent nature which may be submitted without informal resolution.
1. The complaint must be of a sensitive nature or when substantial risk of personal injury, sexual abuse or sexual harassment or other irreparable
harm exits which the grievance process will be unable to address in a timely preventative manner.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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2. The inmate must use the grievance form on the kiosk and add the word “EMERGENCY” to the Summary of Request on the grievance before submission.
3. The inmate will in the Nature of Complaint:
a. Describe the reason the individual believes the grievance to be of an emergency nature that justifies not submitting the form
though the normal procedures and attempting informal
b. Specify the personal injury, assault, or irreparable harm at risk.
Appeal Process and Procedure
1. Grounds for Appeal
a. The inmate may appeal the reviewing authority’s response only if there is newly discovered or available evidence not considered by the reviewing authority, relevant to the issue, and necessary for a proper decision.
b. The inmate must clearly state the newly discovered or available evidence and why the evidence was not previously available.
2. Final Appeal to the Jail Administrator
a. The inmate may make a final appeal to the Jail Administrator within ten (10) calendar days of the receipt of the reviewing authority’s response or any amended response from the Jail Administrator.
b. The inmate must submit a Grievance Appeal with all pertinent
information in order for the complaint to be reconsidered.
3. Final Ruling
a. The ruling of the Jail Administrator is final and will conclude the administrative remedy available to the inmate within the jurisdiction
of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.


Inmates have a right to freedom of access to the court through unrestricted confidential correspondence and 24-hour access to attorneys and other legal counsel.
Attorney Visits
1. The inmate’s attorney of record may be authorized contact visits with no reservations necessary or time restrictions (twenty-four (24) hours a day; seven (7) days a week).
2. All persons with the attorney must have an active Bar Identification Card
or Private Investigator’s Credentials.

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3. Any belongings that an attorney or representative takes into the facility may be searched for contraband.
4. Attorney/Inmate contact rooms are available. Document exchange may also be available as approved by the Attorney Bond Supervisor.
Title 57O.S.1991 §566 as amended, specifies sanctions that can be ordered by the court for inmates for filing frivolous or malicious actions (lawsuits). The term “frivolous” means having no reasonable basis, supporting facts, or lacking in any good faith legal argument for extension, modification, or revival of existing law,
or being maintained solely or primarily for delay or to harass the party filed
against. The term “malicious” means filing numerous actions, or actions brought in bad faith on de minimums issues (de minimums meaning the courts place little or no importance on the issue in question).
If the court determines before or at trial that any one or more of the courses of action (lawsuits) are frivolous or malicious, any one of the following may be imposed:
1. Award attorney fees and actual cost incurred not to exceed $2,500.00 per lawsuit.
2. Court cost not to exceed $500.00 per lawsuit.
3. A civil sanction not to exceed $1,000.00 or a judgment against the inmate, not to exceed $500.00 without notice for a period of seven years from the date of an award or imposition of a sanction.
Foreign nationals have access to the diplomatic representative of their country of citizenship or through requesting assistance from the unit management staff.


Every person who is a qualified elector as defined by §1, Article III of the Oklahoma Constitution shall be entitled to become a registered voter in the precinct of his residence, with the following exceptions:
1. Persons convicted of a felony shall be ineligible to register for a period of time equal to the time prescribed by the judgment and sentence, when such convictions become final.
2. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Oklahoma State
Election Board, P.O. Box 53156 Oklahoma City, OK. 73152.

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In the event that an emergency evacuation is necessary, Detention Center Staff will coordinate the evacuation process.
Inmates must comply with all directions and orders given by Detention Center Staff and are responsible for knowing fire emergency procedures and evacuation routes. Evacuation route diagrams are posted in various locations throughout the facility.


The personal hygiene and grooming code will be maintained and enforced as it affects the safety, health, and welfare or inmates and employees.
1. Personal hygiene will include showering regularly, keeping hair clean, and
keeping one’s self free of unpleasant odors.
2. Razors are issued daily upon request from the pod office and returned after use.
3. Inmates may request a razor prior to attending court by notifying the floor rover prior to their court date.
4. Inmate may select hairstyle of their choice; however the grooming, shaving, cutting or styling of hair must remain in compliance with conventional community standards. The inmate may submit a Request to Staff to the Unit Manager for hair care / barber service which is provided by the facility or the family may make arrangements for a personal barber by scheduling an appointment by calling 713-1934 Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
5. Blocking and dying of hair is not permitted, engraving by shaving head hair or beard is prohibited.
6. Headbands/bandannas to include any item that may cover the face or eyes may not be worn at any time.
7. Inmates must be fully clothed when outside the housing pod. When out of the cell in the dayroom, both male and female inmates must wear the two- piece uniform and shall not wear the pants below the waist.
8. The inmate is responsible for maintaining his/her privacy when inside or outside the cell.

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9. All inmate areas are monitored by video surveillance camera, each inmate is responsible for protecting their privacy.
10. All housing units are provided with hair clippers to allow inmates self grooming.
11. Clippers will be maintained and cleaned with a clippercide solution.
12. Religious head coverings must be approved by the OCDC Facility


Cell and common use living area sanitation and building care standards will be maintained by each inmate occupying a cell, using a dayroom, shower and other common area.
1. Each inmate is responsible for the cleanliness of his/her assigned cell.
This included but not limited to the walls, floors, toilet, sink, window area, and furniture.
2. All personal property will be stored in the storage compartment built into the desk, or under the bunks in a neat orderly fashion.
3. Nothing will be placed over the windows, air vents, light fixtures, or speaker. The cell door window will be left unobstructed.
4. The walls and all areas of the cell will be kept free of any writing,
paintings, or any type of graffiti. Painted surfaces shall not be scratched or defaced in any manner.
5. Nude or provocative pictures may not be posted anywhere.
6. The cell shall not be damaged or modified in any manner from the condition in which it was built.
7. Locks, locking devices, or locking systems shall not be tampered with or breached using any type of method.
8. All living areas will have posted day room hours and activities that are
available to inmates.
9. Inmates shall not install or use a clothes line of any design.
The following is a list of items which are allowed in your room. This list will be used as a guideline by officers when conducting inspections. All items found in

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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your cell which are not on this list will be considered contraband and will be taken. Your bed is to be properly made up when you are not occupying it.
1. Three (3) shirts
2. Three (3) pants
3. Three (3) pair of socks
4. Three (3) pair of underwear
5. Three (3) bras (females only)
6. One blanket
7. One sheet
8. One towel
9. Hygiene kit including shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. Note: When item containers are emptied, the containers must be discarded, not used to store other items.
10. Commissary items not to exceed $150.00.
11. One cubic foot of legal material.
12. One (1) newspaper per inmate.
13. Five (5) personal photographs no larger than 4 x 6.
14. Five (5) magazines or books.
15. One (1) Bible, Koran or similar religious text.
16. Dentures and related adhesives.
17. One pair of prescription glasses, no tint.
18. Wheelchair, crutches, prosthetic device, if approved by the medical provider.

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Cashier’s checks, certified checks, money orders, ACH deposits or wired funds received from friends / relatives in the mail will be credited to the inmate’s trust fund account.
The kiosk in the front lobby will accept cash, debit, and credit cards and will include a fee that is paid by the depositor. The funds are electronically added to
the inmate trust fund or phone account. A maximum of $500.00 will be allowed
on any inmates account at any time. This excludes ACH deposits and wire transfers. Inmates will not receive a receipt for the deposit of funds onto an account.

Upon release, inmates with a credit balance of $300.00 or less will be issued cash. All others and agency releases will be issued a check.
An inmate will not be allowed to transfer funds to another inmate or send funds out.
Upon release, there is a 24-hour waiting period before making deposits to an
inmate’s account.

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Initial Commitment
Prior to being accepted into custody of the Oklahoma County Detention Center, every inmate shall satisfactorily complete a medical screening.
The medical screening will address the medical condition and mental health condition of each inmate.
Each inmate shall receive a Health and Physical examination within 14 days of being accepted into the custody of the Detention Center. Inmates will be asked about family history of health problems and any current or past health issues an inmate may have. At this time medical staff may refer an inmate for further medical treatment.

Sick Call

An inmate requiring medical or dental health services of a non-emergency nature must complete a Medical Request form.
a. The Medical Request form needs to include the inmate’s full name, date of birth, exact location (floor, pod and cell number) and brief description of the medical problem.

b. These medical requests must be given to the MEDICAL STAFF ONLY, which in turn will sign and date the slip and return the yellow copy to the inmate.

c. Medical staff is in the pods twice a day passing medications and picking up medical requests. DO NOT GIVE MEDICAL REQUEST FORMS TO THE OFFICERS

d. Notify any staff member of a medical emergency.
All trustees must write on their sick call requests their work location and work hours so that they can be located.

In accordance with state law 19 O.S.68.531, a fee of $15.00 for each medical visit or service an inmate receives will be deducted from any monies in an

inma t e ’s mo ne y t rus t f und a s a medical co-payment.

Medical or health care service will be provided regardless of having sufficient money in an inmate trust account. The fees due will be deducted from an inmate’s account when and if any money is deposited.
If an inmate does not have enough money to pay for the medical care amount due, the amount owed by an inmate is considered a bill due and payable to the Sheriff’s Office and may be subject to collection actions or will be withheld from

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your trust fund account if you are ever an inmate at the Detention Center in the future.
It is the policy of The Oklahoma County Detention Center to charge inmates for designated medical treatments pursuant to the Oklahoma State Law 19 O.S.
No inmate will be denied any medical treatment due to insufficient funds in the
prisoner’s money trust fund.
The inmate will still be required to pay the medical fee(s) when the prisoner’s
trust funds are sufficient again for payment.
An inmate’s authorization for medical care form will be completed at the time medical services are done. All areas of the form will be completed by a member of the medical staff, and the inmates will sign the form. The fee will be $15.00 for the following services provided:

i. All inmate initiated sick call visits;

ii. A one-time charge for initial commitment Intake Medical Assessment.

There will be no additional charge for the health physical, ordinarily completed within fourteen days from arrival;

iii. All inmate requested dental visits. There will be no additional charge for one additional relate follow up visit if determined necessary by the Provider;

iv. All refusals to attend an inmate requested medical appointment;

v. Initial Chronic Care Clinic visit. There will be no additional charge for ongoing chronic care treatment as determined by the Provider.

vi. All inmates involved in an altercation will be charged except those found not guilty by the Disciplinary Hearing Officer; (reimbursement of the co-pay fee will occur only at the completion of the discipline process);

vii. Initial wound care visit. There will be no additional charge for follow-up visits as determined by the Provider.

Inmate Workers will not be charged if they get an “on-the-job” injury. Any inmate may write a Request of Staff regarding medical co-pay charges to the Health Service Administrators for review.
Stockpiling or exchanging medication is prohibited and will be enforced through the disciplinary process. Medication will be taken in the presence of the administrating staff. If an inmate refuses or wants to discontinue their medication, a face to face encounter must occur with medical staff.
Emergency Services

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A clinic is staffed twenty-four hours a day. The clinic is for emergencies only; sick call complaints are referred back to sick-call evaluation. Emergency care requested for routine problems will be referred to sick call evaluation for scheduled treatment.


Copying Medical Records
Upon release, an inmate may request a copy of the medical records. This is subject to a copying charge of $10.00 for the first 20 pages and $0.25 cents per page thereafter.
Additionally, for the same copying charge, copy of your record may be made available to an outside individual, after receiving a signed release form from the inmate. The release form must include a line to the effect the record may contain information about HIV or AIDS, even if the inmate has not been tested or is negative.
Eye Exams
Eye exams and glasses may be available to inmates who have been incarcerated for more than one year at the inmate’s expense by submitting a medical request form explaining what is needed and we will contact you on how to pay for the exam.
All services must be paid for prior to appointments being made. Inmates are required to arrange for payment in advance to the optometrist prior to the appointment being scheduled by the Detention Center. An inmate will be transported for the appointment and the optometrist will send the glasses to the facility. Glasses with glass lenses or tinting may not be purchased.
Mental Health Services
Mental Health services are focused on crisis intervention, medication management, and psycho educational groups for certain locations. Co-payment collections do not apply for mental healthcare treatment as determined by the Provider. Treatment for sleep disorders or anxiety is not provided.
Pregnant Detainee Services
Pre-Natal and Post-Natal care is available to pregnant detainees. Qualified, licensed medical professionals provide care.
Dental Services

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Dental services offered are tooth extractions, fillings, free yearly dental exam, and free 60 day juvenile exam. Restorative services, cleaning, dentures, root canals, caps, etc., will not be offered or provided.
Hygiene Items
Basic hygiene items are provided on weekly basis upon request from the commissary. Additional or alternative hygiene items will not be provided.


Services will be offered to the inmates listed below through a full time, trained law library supervisor.
Inmates will request legal information by a Request to Staff. Operating hours are
Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Inmates will be charged twenty-five cents ($.25) per copy. Law Library services will be offered to the following:
1. Pre or Post Trial status that do not have legal representation who wish to attack their sentence directly or collaterally.
2. Those inmates who wish to challenge their confinements.


Books and Magazines
The family may mail two softbound books or magazines. Newspapers
Newspapers may be obtained by completing a purchase request (available from the pod officer) to purchase daily newspapers.
Mobile Library
Each Unit is provided a mobile library cart in which inmates have the opportunity to check in/out library books.


Notary service for legal material is available by written request only which are submitted to the Unit Manager. The service will be provided one day each week.
Notary service for documents brought in by the public for the benefit of the inmate which need to be notarized will be performed Monday through Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm


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When an inmate must dispose of personal property, it must be completed by shipping the property at the inmate's expense to a designated individual who is not incarcerated, donated at the inmate's expense to any organization or entity that the inmate chooses, or picked up by a designee. Failure to select one of the dispositions will cause the property to be destroyed.
1. Inmates are not allowed to trade, barter, sell, loan, or give away personal property to anyone in the Detention Center.
2. Radios or other appliances that have been altered or damaged or are considered homemade will be considered contraband and will be confiscated.
3. No more than 4 batteries are allowed per inmate (2 for radio, and 2 for back up); any excess batteries over the allowed limit will be confiscated and considered contraband.
4. A list of property, which is authorized to be in the inmate’s possession, will
be posted in the living areas.
5. Any property left by an inmate at the Detention Center upon release will be destroyed 30 days after the inmate has been released.


The Detention Center has a Chaplain Ministry available to inmates upon request of Staff. On the kiosk when submitting, specify religion preference, Catholic, Baptist, etc.
1. A request form is included in the initial orientation material provided upon admission.
2. Thereafter, a form can be obtained from the Pod Officer where the inmate is housed.
3. If an inmate has a spiritual need, a request may be submitted to see the
4. The Chaplain Ministry purpose is to provide spiritual help to the inmates.
5. The Detention Center Chaplain should be contacted for notification on family death, serious illness or injury.
6. Marriage ceremonies are not performed.


There will be a tentative schedule posted in all living areas, of programs, services, daily activities, etc.

Inmate programs are available upon request for qualified inmates as determined by initial and current classification status. If a program is not offered in a specific

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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housing unit, inmates names will be placed on a waiting list and the inmate will be notified when it is available.
Programs can change or be canceled at any time, as determined by security request and security needs. Available programs are:

Narcotics Anonymous

GED English

Alcoholics Anonymous

Character First

Gang Intervention

Reintegration Program

Juvenile Education

For outside programs, support group, food pantry, wellness/education classes and help-line information submit a “Request to Staff” to the Inmate Programs Coordinator.


Inmates are afforded the opportunity to participate in leisure time activities in the dayroom while out of their cells. Activities include television, interaction, stretching, and walking. Indoor recreation is available during waking hours so long as other activities are not being conducted (medication pass, meal times, etc). When available, during daylight hours, outdoor recreation may be provided to some classifications of detainees.


The Classification Officer and Detention Supervisors will assign inmates to jobs based on each inmate's classification, security level, job vacancies, inmate's individual abilities, and qualification to perform the specific job(s) to meet Detention Center needs. Clothing required for these work assignments will be described and given during work orientation.
Jobs and duties vary in qualification requirements. Inmates interested in working must inform the staff during the initial screening and classification process of their interest. Inmates may also submit a "Request to Staff" form asking to be considered for a job assignment.
An inmate request for a job assignment does not necessarily mean that a job is available or that the inmate qualifies for the job assignment.
Inmates sentenced to County Jail time that are assigned jobs and who satisfactorily perform the duties of the job will be awarded trustee time and good time credit in accordance with applicable Oklahoma State statutes.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Inmates will be provided an opportunity through the unit manager to participate as a pod orderly with successful mandatory medical physical. No compensation or credit will be allowed for such services.


All rights of inmates will be equally available to all inmates. All inmate responsibilities will be equally enforced.
No inmate under the supervision of the Oklahoma County Detention Center will be subject to discrimination based on race, religion, nationality, gender, political belief, handicap, or sexual orientation.
Detention Center administrators and employees will ensure inmates are aware of the following rights and responsibilities while under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma County Detention Center.
The right of access to courts through unrestricted and confidential correspondence and the responsibility to present honestly to the court any petitions, questions, or problems and not to abuse resources available to achieve access.
The right to confidential interviews and correspondence with an attorney and the responsibility not to abuse the confidential contacts made available.
The right to file administrative grievances as outlined in Policy and Procedure
4080.00 entitled “Inmate Grievance Procedure" and receive assistance from other inmates in doing so and the responsibility to present honestly to Detention Center Administration any complaints or problems.
The right to a healthful place in which to live which includes clean and orderly surroundings, nutritious meals, proper bedding and clothing, adequate opportunities to shower, proper ventilation for warmth, access to recreational opportunities, toilet articles, medical and dental care as needed, and the responsibility to eat properly, to follow the laundry and shower schedule, to maintain neat and clean living quarters, and to seek medical and dental care as needed.
The right to correspond with public officials, officials of the confining authority of the Sheriff and the Detention Center Administrator and the responsibility to be truthful.
The right to practice a religion within the limitations of resources available and security procedures in effect and the responsibility not to abuse the religious practices available.
The right to be treated respectfully, impartially, and fairly by all persons, which includes being called by name rather than number and the responsibility to treat other inmates and employees with respect.
The right to be informed of the appropriate rules, procedures, and schedules governing the operations of the Detention Center and the responsibility to know and abide by the rules and procedures.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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The right to due process hearings for alleged rule violations before punishment is imposed and the responsibility to cooperate fully in investigations.
The right to equal access to various programs and work assignments, as available, in keeping with their eligibility, interests, needs, and abilities and the responsibility to take advantage of activities which may enhance their ability to live a successful and law abiding life in the community.
The right to be involved in classification status.
The right to protection from physical abuse, corporal punishment, personal injury, disease, property damage, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and/or harassment
The responsibility to abide by the rules, to strive for self-achievement, and to make constructive future plans.
The responsibility that no inmate or group of inmates is given control or authority over other inmates.


Inmates who threaten the secure and orderly management of the Oklahoma County Detention Center may be removed from the general population and placed in special housing units.
Administrative Segregation: is a security status that provides inmates with serious behavior problems close supervision and segregation from general population.
Protective Custody: is a security status that provides inmates with a need for protection from the general population. The assignment begins with an inmate's request for protective custody or if the Jail Administrator or his designees believe that the inmate needs to be placed in Protective Custody for the inmate’s safety. The Shift Commander, Unit Manager, or Jail Administration will review the request. If substantial evidence exists that warrants protective custody and there is no reasonable alternative available, the request is approved.
Disciplinary Segregation: is a form of separation from the general population where inmates who commit serious violations of the Detention Center rules are given Disciplinary Segregation punishment for a specific period of time in a cell removed from general population. The use of Disciplinary Segregation is imposed only upon determination that no other discipline can adequately achieve the purpose of correction and deterrence.
Pre Hearing Detention Status: relates to the status of an inmate who has a disciplinary hearing pending and is deemed an immediate threat to the security of the Detention Center. The Shift Commander or Jail Administration may place an inmate into this status.


Oklahoma County Detention Center


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For the safety and security of all persons in the Detention Center, each inmate will be required to comply with all laws, policies, and procedures. Violations may result in the application of disciplinary actions and/or criminal prosecution.
Attempting to commit, ordering others to commit, or making plans to commit any of the offenses specified in Policy and procedure 4350.02 entitled "Inmate Discipline" will be considered the same as committing the offense.
Upon the reasonable belief of an employee that a violation of the rules has been committed, which cannot be handled informally, the inmate will be written up for the violation. The inmate will receive a Disciplinary Hearing. If found guilty, the inmate shall be informed of the evidence used for such a finding, the "basis" for the punishment, and the right to appeal.
Should an inmate be released prior to the completion of the disciplinary procedure or any disciplinary action, the Misconduct Report and/or disciplinary sanction will be suspended at the time of release not to exceed a
12 month period. If the inmate is rebooked within the 12 month time frame,
the disciplinary procedure and/or disciplinary sanction will resume at the date and time of booking.
A list of acts constituting rule violation and range of allowable sanctions are in
Section II of this handbook.


Class 1

Disciplinary Segregation

Loss of specified privileges

1-30 days

1-30 days

Class 2

Disciplinary Segregation

Loss of specified privileges

1-20 days

1-20 days

Broken Sprinkler Heads

1st Offense: Mandatory 60 days lockdown, loss of all privileges and assessed restitution.

2nd Offense: Mandatory 90 days lockdown, loss of all privileges and assessed restitution.

3rd Offense: Mandatory 6 months lockdown, loss off all privileges and assessed restitution.


All Inmates convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve county jail time shall be entitled to receive earned credits providing the inmate shall have obeyed the rules and regulations and are willing to work by being assigned to any available job or work at maintaining sanitation in their cells and housing units.

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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If you are determined guilty after a disciplinary hearing, you are ineligible to receive good time and work credits. These have been deducted from your earned credits and your sentence will be recalculated.

An attempt to commit an offense is the same as committing the offense




Banding together for the purpose of demonstration, work stoppage, hunger strike etc



Taking over a part of the physical plant



Participation with others in a course of disorderly conduct; with the

purpose to commit or facilitate commission of a felony or

misdemeanor; (b) with purpose to prevent or coerce official action



Insinuating or participation in a riot



Involvement in writing, circulating, or signing a document that poses a

threat to the security of the facility



Aiding or abetting in the commission of any rule violation



Under the influence of and/or any use of illegal drugs, alcohol

intoxicating chemicals, or any medication in an unauthorized manner

or refusal to a substance abuse testing



Employment misconduct-quitting job without prior approval; getting fired for misconduct on job, tardiness, or shirking of duties



Unauthorized use of mail or telephone to include passing unauthorized

messages or conducting unauthorized activities



Use of mail or telephone to conduct illegal business



Unauthorized contacts with public



Correspondence / conduct with visitor in violation of posted regulations,

excluding sexual activity



Running from or resisting apprehension within facility



Interfering with taking of count



Tattooing / self mutilation / any attempt to inflict self injury or ingestion

of any harmful or poisonous substance



Carryout any action designed to coerce administration



Tampering with or blocking any lock or locking device



Attempt to contaminate, pollute, alter, substitute, or destroy any urine

sample or report

02-14 1 Failure to cooperate in any investigation, does not include disciplinary procedures investigations

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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To alter or mutilate any official document or evidence or to destroy or attempt to destroy any evidence by eating it or flushing it down a toilet



Violation of Policy and Procedures 4010.00 entitled “Inmate

Correspondence Publications”



Selling, trading, bartering or giving prescribed medication / drugs to another person



The maiming of or killing another person (s)



Participation in activity that directly results in the intentional death of another person (s)



Battery of another



Rape or forced sexual act



Kidnapping another person



Seizing another person as a hostage



Battery of a staff member with physical contact which does result in bodily harm



Battery of a staff member with physical contact which does not result in bodily harm



Assault; any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury upon the person of another



Making sexual threats to another person



Making sexual threat to, or stalking a staff member or citizen



Demanding / receiving money or favors or anything of value in return for protection against others. To avoid bodily harm, or under threat of informing



Unauthorized use of county property / supplies



Forgery of any type to obtain goods / materials



Taking of property



Destruction of county property



Destruction of property of another person



Setting or attempting to set a fire



Adulteration of any foods or drinks



Flooding one’s cell or living quarters



Possession / introduction of any explosive, combustible substance, or fireworks

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Possession / introduction of any gun, firearm, weapon, ammunition, knife, sharpened instrument, Class A, B or C tool, to include keys and security equipment



Possession / introduction of any drug, narcotic, intoxicant, chemical, drug paraphernalia not prescribed by medical staff



Possession of money or currency, or negotiable instrument



Possession of property belonging to another person, unauthorized

property, or official documents / materials



Possession of clothing or property not authorized by facility



Possession of staff uniforms



Manufacture of intoxicants



Counterfeiting, forging, or unauthorized reproductions of any

document, article of identification, money, security, or official paper



Possession of gambling paraphernalia not specifically authorized by

this facility



Possession of unauthorized identification



Possession / introduction of unauthorized tool



Possession / introduction of any drug, narcotic prescribed by medical

including hoarding or cheeking the medication



Engaging in sexual activity with another consenting person



Making sexual proposals to another person



Indecent exposure



Insolence to staff members or citizens



Using abusive / obscene language



Making profane / obscene gestures to staff member or citizens



Failure to obey verbal and / or written order of staff member in a

prompt manner



Failure to obey a group order i.e., lock down



Lying to staff member



Malingering, feigning an illness



Preparing or conducting a gambling operation



Participating in games of chance for gain / profit

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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The receiving, trading, selling, or loaning of property



Attempting to give, giving, or receiving money or anything of value as a bribe or in document



Escape from custody of the Oklahoma County Detention Center



Participating in any activity that aids or abets an escape



Any attempt to escape from the custody of the Oklahoma County

Detention Center



Violation of City, County, State or Federal Law

(does not require conviction in a court)



Outside defined boundaries



Failure to follow any check-out procedures



Unauthorized absence from work / school assignment or other program activity



Unauthorized person in another’s cell / living area




Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Inmate Name Printed: Floor / Pod / Cell #

Inmate Signature:



Name of Employee

Have you previously submitted a “Request to Staff” or Grievance on this same issue? .If yes,

what was the grievance # date or “Request to Staff” / date


State completely, but briefly, the problem on which you desire assistance. This statement must be specific as to the complaint, dates, places, personnel involved, and how you are affected. One issue or incident per “Request to Staff”. Your failure to specifically state your problem legibly may result in this being returned unanswered.


State exactly how you believe your request may be handled; that is, what exactly should be done and how:





Oklahoma County Detention Center


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As a reminder, all video visitations are monitored, recorded, and subject to screening to automatically detect third party visits. Certain actions are forbidden during your visit and, when detected, may result in the loss of visitation privileges (including free visits), suspension, and/or a fine.


Third party participation in any visit that was originated by another resident or inmate (e.g. giving away or selling your free visit to another inmate). Violation of the rule will result in Telmate suspending your free visit privileges for a minimum of 15 days. During that suspension period, you will be charged standard fees for all video visitations. Additional restrictions and/or fines may be applied by your facility.

Nudity or explicit sexual behavior. Violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action and administrative suspension.

Threats or intimidation or harm. Violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action and administrative suspension.

Misrepresentation of identity. Violation of this rule may result in disciplinary action and administrative suspension.


Transforming Inmate Communications

Oklahoma County Detention Center


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Oklahoma County Detention Center


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